A D Hall Photography is proud of the association we have made with local schools and nurseries, bringing quality imagery to parents who truly cherish the record of their children growing up.  As parents ourselves, we understand the frustrations and ordering school photos, often through in-flexible ordering processes that are frankly stuck in the past.

We offer a fresh, simple and rapid means of ordering your pictures, that doesn't involve envelopes of cash going back and forth to the school, and a wait of several weeks for the photos to arrive.  With us, you can usually order on-line the same day as the picture was taken, and the pictures can be delivered direct to you in about 4 days.  No faff, no hassle.  Also, if you have more than one child at the school, you can freely mix-and-match the photos you want - gone are the days of having to buy a full batch of each child just to get the picture of them together (a personal hate of ours!)

If we have photographed your child, and are looking for the on-line gallery, please head here:  schools.adhallphoto.com