Moving house, another bit of kit and lots of calls.

So, a busy couple of weeks - moving up to Lincoln from Wiltshire. Now I'm here it's time to start getting some advertising sorted in the right places.  I should have a business listing on Google soon - just waiting for their verification letter.

I've had a rush of calls this week, sadly not for bookings, but various bodies wanting me to advertise in obscure charity magazines. I guess my initial advertising means my name it out there. I've said 'no' to them all as I'm not convinced of the value for money this would be. One that looks a more promising is a staff-discount scheme for Lincoln Police. I had a meeting with their rep, and the deal seems quite good - assuming it would drive business. Something to ponder this week!

I've arranged to take some pictures for SHA Services, a motor-mechanic based in Norfolk - in exchange for some emergency repairs on my Wife's car! I'll be heading over once we've unpacked all the boxes currently filling the house. Take a look on Facebook for their page.

Lastly, I'm now the proud owner of a battery grip for my D300, should make sure I don't run out of juice on long shoots. It'll also help with some time-stacking stuff I want to try this summer. Interestingly, Lenstag seems to think its worth $2000 (as opposed to the £35 it cost me!)


Alan Hall

Owner and Founder of A D Hall Photography, a Lincoln (UK) based company offering wedding photography, portraits, family photoshoots and event photography.