How Do I Book You?

To secure a booking we require a signed contract and a £200 booking fee (that comes off your overall total.) I need both of these in place to secure your booking. Get in touch and I'll start the ball rolling.

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Book You To Photograph My Wedding?

I like to be flexible, and can move pretty quickly to fill a last-minute request, assuming I am not already booked.  It is however advisable to get in touch as soon as you know the date of your wedding as I do book up fast (with some popular dates booked over a year in advance!)  Most of my wedding clients book twelve to eighteen months ahead of their wedding.

Are You Insured?

I take our responsibility to you very seriously; we are fully insured for public liability to five million pounds.  If you or your wedding venue wish to see a copy of insurance documents, please ask and I will happily send it over.

I Have Seen Photographers On Facebook Offering Full Day Coverage For £300. Why Do You Cost So Much More?

I have seen these offers, and from a purely mathematical point of view, it’s not a sustainable level of income for a photographer if they are a genuine professional. When you choose me, you are paying for the proven quality of my work and my experience from many previous weddings.  Also, you have the peace of mind that I am fully insured, have backup equipment should anything fail, and that I have systems in place to correctly store and safeguard your images.

We Have A Friend Or Family Member Who Has A Great Camera, Couldn't We Just Get Him To Do It?

Yes you could, bus ask yourself, have they photographed a wedding before?  Are they up to the all-day task?  Do they have back-up equipment should a camera / lens / memory card fail?  How will they store and safeguard your memories?  Are they insured should any of your guests trip over their equipment? I understand the expense that accompanies a wedding, but I genuinely believe you should only trust the capture of the lasting memories of your biggest day in the hands of a professional, after all, it is your photographs that will remain with you forever.

What Type Of Cameras Do You Use?

I currently use professional grade Nikon cameras. More importantly, I use the highest quality Pro lenses which allow me to capture images in incredibly low light conditions with minimal use of flash.

The Vicar Has Expressed Concern Over Photographers Distracting The Ceremony.

Every vicar or registrar we speak to has their wedding photographer horror story.  That’s why I try to get in touch with the officiant ahead of your wedding to be sure of their ground rules.  I’m there to record your big day, not to be the subject of it, so I’m extremely careful to act in a respectful way and not cause any difficulties for anyone involved.  I avoid the use of flash during the ceremony unless it is absolutely essential and we’d discuss this ahead of time.

Do We Need To Feed You On The Wedding Day?

Yes please! A wedding is a long day for everyone, I do not expect a full wedding breakfast, but a hot meal at the same time you are eating is best.

How Long Do We Wait To See Our Pictures?

I will get your on-line gallery populated and available to you two weeks after the day of your wedding, but I will get you a few sneak peeks earlier than that!

Why Do We Not Get Full Copyright To Our Photos?

I include full personal print licensing with all wedding images, which means you can use and print your wedding photos as you wish and we can say we shot them. I are extremely proud of all of our work and want to claim it as our own. My contract explains all of your rights, but you really do not need anything other than personal print licensing.

We Don't Live In Lincolnshire, Are You Still Able To Photograph Our Wedding?

I’m available throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, in fact most of our weddings have been elsewhere in the country
(especially London.) I will happily travel for your wedding and whilst I prefer to conduct meetings in person, I’m happy to Skype if necessary. There will likely be a charge for accommodation, fuel and meals if necessary, but I will quote this at the time of booking, so you will know the exact price upfront.

Do You Photograph Gay Marriage And Civil Partnerships?

Of course!  I want to record your day of love and to give you memories to cherish forever regardless of the gender or orientation of the couple.

How Many Photos Can I Expect?

It is impossible to give an exact figure, but I start shooting when we arrive and go right through to beyond the 1st dance. I usually deliver at least four hundred images (in both colour and black and white.)

Do You Show All The Photographs You Shoot?

I show all the successful images.  I doubt you’re interested in the shots where people have their eyes closed, test shots, near-identical duplicates, or anything unflattering!

Do You Edit Every Image?

Yes, each image gets personally rated, edited, processed and optimised to give you the very best product.  What I don't do is full airbrushing / Photoshop-ing of images as I feel this is not representative of your day.

Do You Shoot In Black & White?

Using digital cameras means I capture in colour, but you also receive your images processed in black and white – you end up with the best of both worlds!

Do You Shoot Film?

I love shooting film, and occasionally I’ll shoot a couple of rolls at weddings just to give you something a bit different. I’d be reticent to do your whole day on film, but if you’d like a good proportion to be captured this way, mention it to me when we meet and I can incorporate it into the plans.  Your images are then scanned using my pro scanner to be included with your digital images.

How Many Photographers Will Be Present?

I generally shoot with one photographer (ie me!), but I can hire in a second photographer depending on the details of the wedding.

Is It OK For Guests To Take Pictures?

Of course, I wouldn't want it any other way (and it’d be impossible to stop them anyway!) All I ask is that that guests refrain from interfering with my work, and it’s usual for me to take the couple away from the rest of the guests during the portrait sessions, to avoid distractions.  (It gives the couple a chance to catch their breath and enjoy their new union too!)