As mentioned in my last blog post, you'll see some pictures I took at a friend's wedding recently (only took a few as I was busy enjoying the day!) I'm especially pleased with the pictures of the little bridesmaid.  I've got another friend's wedding next month, so no doubt I'll have a couple more shots from there!

I've also taken a few pictures for my brother - he is a mechanic with his own business he's getting off the ground and hoping to expand. Search for SHA Services on FaceBook for his contact details - and as a shameless plug I can personally guarantee the quality of his work (he's helped me out more times than I can count over the years - only fair I help him out a bit too!) From this shoot I got a couple of nice shots of him welding:


The title of the post is "Advertising!" and that's because I have started some targeted advertising of my FaceBook page - and it appears that for a relatively small outlay I've been able to target a great many people who may want to use my services. Certainly seems better value than the deal seem determined to sell me with their never-ending phone calls! In just a few days I've had over 20 new 'Likes' and several enquiries about bookings. If you are one of my new 'Likers' then welcome and thanks! 

Staying on the advertising theme, I've just today received my first batch of business cards (through  


I purposely designed them to match the website - relatively simple and clean, but with the required details very clear and easy to read. Whaddya think?

Other photo stuff, I'm looking to enter a couple of pictures in some competitions - mainly landscape stuff, but variety keeps me interested! 

Remember to check out my latest prices and packages if you'd like to book me, and if you have any questions or want to tweak anything, just drop me a line and we can tailor things to just how you want them. 




Alan Hall

Owner and Founder of A D Hall Photography, a Lincoln (UK) based company offering wedding photography, portraits, family photoshoots and event photography.