Let the Wedding Season Begin!

As the title implies, with the Spring sunshine starting to emerge, Wedding Season will soon be in full swing, with the first 2015 wedding this weekend.

I thought it would be a good idea to take you through my actions pre and post-wedding.

Pre Wedding Prep:

1 Week out:

Confirm shot lists etc with the client.

Ensure timeline hasn’t changed.

Confirm any last minute detail changes.

2 Days out:

Charge camera batteries (at least 1 spare per camera)

Flash and camera batteries charged and ready to go! 

Flash and camera batteries charged and ready to go! 

Charge flash batteries (at least 1 spare set per flashgun)

Charge / renew flash trigger batteries.

Check / wipe memory cards (at least 2 per camera)

Clean lenses (front and rear elements)

Clean camera body, and clear internal dust with a blower.

Set all camera internal clocks so they read the same (makes life easier when sorting images from multiple camera.)

Getting the time right (of course I'm in Casablanca for this shoot...)

Getting the time right (of course I'm in Casablanca for this shoot...)

Test all cameras, flashguns and wireless triggers.

Pack gear.

On the day:

Shoot the Wedding! (I’ll post a separate blog about on the day soon.)

Post-wedding actions.

Directly after the shoot:

Transfer all images from memory cards to laptop (if away from home) or Mac.

Backup all the images onto DVD and store with client paperwork.

Import images into Lightroom (re-name and catalogue.)

Backup using Time Machine onto external backup drive.

Days After the shoot / when I get home!

Reset equipment – unpack, clean, recharge.

Initial run through of the images to begin down-selecting the ‘keepers’.

I then do a second pass of keep / discard after a break away from the screen.

Editing as required.  Mostly, I try and get the composition and exposure right 'in camera', but there's often a whole raft of tweaks and adjustments that can be made to improve the quality of the images.

Export the edited keepers to the website gallery and enable the purchase options via Fotomoto and Amazon Web Services (AWS.)

Action any orders that are made.

Export the edited keepers to DVD or USB drive and post to the clients.

I then export a second set and save to DVD for archive along with original RAW shots and client paperwork.

With the images sent to the client, I include a blank document for the couple to specify which images they would like in the photobooks / albums,  using this, I build an initial layout and I e-mail a pdf proof to the client and adjust as required depending on their feedback.

Once they're happy I'll go ahead and order the albums and ship directly to the client.

So, quite a lot to do, and I've not even gone into the busy day itself! As I mentioned above, I'll do a breakdown of the wedding day itself in another blog post. 

Thanks for reading.


Alan Hall

Owner and Founder of A D Hall Photography, a Lincoln (UK) based company offering wedding photography, portraits, family photoshoots and event photography.