Lets Talk Presentation.

It’s fair to say that up to now, I’ve not concentrated on offering books and albums as part of my wedding packages.  This has predominately due to the multitude of options (it really is infinite when you consider sizes, paper types, cover options etc.) which makes it difficult to offer cohesive, balanced, and affordable options.

This is something of a shame, as it really is the best way to present the photographs.  Having the digital files is fantastic, as it give you the option to rapidly share those precious memories instantly.  However, how often do you actually go back and look at those images?  (Apart from FaceBook’s ‘On This Day’ feature of course!)

The truth is, that the best way to appreciate and enjoy a quality photograph is to have it printed, and for a large collection of images that tell the magical story of your wedding day – a luxury book is an absolute must.  To deal with the endless options, I’ve approached it as if I were a client wanting to have my own wedding pictures printed, and I’ve sourced two top-of-the-line luxury options, along with a great-value bundle.  For the more budget-conscious, I can still offer the standard and large photobooks, which are also ideal as extra books for relatives, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

These beautiful wedding story books are now available (see the Wedding Books page); they’re not cheap by any means, but they really are things of beauty, fantastic for telling the story of your day, and for showing the children (and grandchildren!) way down the line. (I can sort a pay-monthly deal to spread the cost.)

If you are a former client, and would like to have your photos presented in one of these beautiful books, get in touch – I of course still have your files stored safely (in 4 different places no less!)

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Alan Hall

Owner and Founder of A D Hall Photography, a Lincoln (UK) based company offering wedding photography, portraits, family photoshoots and event photography.